Keep It Moving

Design inspiration comes when you least expect it, and often from the simple things

It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or effort to use what you have to create spaces that inspire you.  When you least expect it, a renewed connection to pieces you already own just might surprise you.  Maybe you even considered throwing away that old, intricately carved door pull. Not so fast. You can bring new life to your space by simply moving things around and using what you have.

If you’re anything like most of us, you have stashes of treasures stored away for some magical design moment. Today is the day. Take a chance. Stretch your comfort zone and see how it opens the beauty you imagined:

  • Try placing your sofa on an angle to give you a different view outside.
  • Adorn your dining table with a grouping of already owned vases, vessels, and decorative bowls in varying sizes, shapes, and color.
  • Have you been holding on to a favorite piece of fabric for years waiting for that magical design moment? Now is the time to shake the dust off of it, drape it across your favorite reading chair, tuck it around your chair cushions, add a throw pillow, and voila…new life, new chair, and with your treasured fabric.
  • Now, paint that old, carved door pull in your favorite color and use it as a paperweight on top of those magazines and books you are getting ready to get lost in.

Take a chance, because taking care of you is all everyone else needs. Just like time, we should keep things moving. Use what you have in new ways.  Today is the day to shed some light on something found. It just might bring a fresh, new perspective, and open your heart to the beauty within and beyond.