How We Work

Today’s residential and business interior design needs are all unique to the individual owners and users.  How we work with our clients depends on the best business structure to deliver the results that best suits your needs with the most cost-effective approach.  Each project will be evaluated to determine the best business model for your project.  Commercial projects are all Turn-Key or Specialty Project models.

Consider your project, review the design options below and contact us for a consultation.

Turn-Key Service (Commercial or Residential)

FULL SPACE interior projects are what we do best. With our personalized Turn-Key Service, we manage the entire project from design concept to installation. From room plans, space planning and layout, lighting, furnishings, floors, finishes, accessories, to ADA needs, we combine all the elements in a functional, visually pleasing, and emotionally stimulating way to achieve the function, feeling, and look of the space you want.

With our TURN-KEY SERVICE, you can expect us to handle all of these aspects of your interior design project. From the initial consultation, concept, construction, to implementation, your project will be managed with a PERSONAL TOUCH to oversee every aspect of the project. Turn-key Services are priced by the project.

If you have a turn-key project, contact us for a consultation.

DIY Design Intensive Consultation (Residential)

When you have a full-scale project but plan to personally manage your project from design concepts, product specifications, to installation. We will consult with you to review and assist you with your selections. Our PRE-PLANNING CONSULTATION GUIDE will assist you in preparing for the consultation to get the most and best guidance from the consultation.  DIY DESIGN INTENSIVE CONSULTATIONS are priced by the project starting at $1,500 for three consultation hours.

Contact us if you have a DIY Design Intensive Consultation project.

Design Refresh Consultation (Residential)

You have all of the primary furnishings and products required in your space but need a few ideas and some guidance to give your space a FRESH PERSPECTIVE. We will visit your space and share thoughts and ideas about what you can change and improve to give your space a FACELIFT. We have the creative ideas and you manage and execute your project to completion.  Spruce-Up Consultation fees are for a one-time consultation starting at $250 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour.

Contact us if you have a Spruce-Up Consultation project.

Specialty Project (Commercial or Residential)

For those projects that don’t fit into our general project models. It may be a special art installation or a world-class lighting project. We specialize in CREATIVE IDEAS to make your project especially unique for you. If you think you have a unique or special project that does not fit into one of our general project models, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your EXCLUSIVE CREATIVE PROJECT. Specialty services are priced by the project.

If you have a Specialty Project, contact us for a consultation.

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